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More than one million jobs directly depend on the building and construction industry.

The industry that employs 1 in 10 Australians, has more small businesses than other sector of the economy and trains 50,000 apprentices each year.

Our vision

A profitable and sustainable building and construction industry.

Our mission

The preeminent national advocate for building and construction.

Policies for building a stronger Australia:

  • Ensure home ownership is within reach for everyone.
  • Meet housing targets with enough rental stock and social and community housing.
  • Release more government land.
  • 10-year rolling pipeline of infrastructure.
  • Improve the standard of careers education in secondary schools.
  • Develop an apprentice commencement and retention strategy.
  • Increase the permanent skills visa cap to at least 200,000.
  • Redirect development taxes and charges to social and affordable housing.
  • Flexible industrial relations system.
  • Keeping workplaces safe.
  • Dedicated division within the Fair Work Ombudsman to respond to unlawful activity.
  • Protecting the right of independent contractors.
  • Expand depreciation allowances.
  • Commence a deregulation agenda.
  • Incentives to invest in digital and IT systems to improve productivity in businesses.

For more detailed information on specific policy areas see below