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The Hon. Anthony Albanese MP
Prime Minister

“Your organisation can always be counted upon to cut to the heart of issues affecting infrastructure policy in this country.”

The Hon. Peter Dutton MP
Leader of the Opposition

“It’s refreshing to see the work of the Master Builders over a long period of time.”

The Hon. Michael Sukkar MP
Former Minister for Homelessness, Social and Community Housing

“The on the ground feedback that the MBA have provided government was invaluable, particularly in a time of crisis.”

The Hon. Ed Husic MP
Minister for Industry and Science

“Thank you for your broader advocacy and contribution. Clearly what you do in the wider economy, but also for communities matters.”

The Hon. Scott Morrison MP
Former Prime Minister

“We have worked closely together to keep the sector going under the most trying circumstances imaginable. And as your pre-budget submission highlights you are facing fronts on many of the big forces shaping our economy.”

We must solve the housing crisis

We are not building enough homes in Australia to give people the choice to either own or rent a home or have access to emergency accommodation.

This lack of housing supply is leading to rising rents, homelessness, and higher mortgages, which negatively impacts the well-being of individuals, families, and communities.

The building and construction industry is facing significant challenges to get enough homes built to meet demand.

Challenges include tradie shortages, high material costs, planning system delays, draconian industrial relations laws and other regulatory hurdles that do nothing to improve building quality or safety.

These challenges have resulted in delayed projects, increased construction costs, and reduced productivity.

Simply put it’s too expensive and takes too long to build in Australia.

The Federal Government wants to build 1.2 million homes over the next five years but we will not meet this goal unless urgent action is taken to reduce unneccessary cost and time delays.

All levels of government must work together to change laws that make it easier and more attractive to build new homes.

Sign our petition to call on the Federal Government to play their part in solving the housing crisis and make sure we bring down inflation, train more tradies, repeal damaging industrial relations change, remove red tape, and help states with planning reforms and building critical infrastructure.

Building and construction is the ‘heart and soul’ of the Australian economy

Consists of 449,162 business entities which over 98% are small businesses with fewer than 20 employees.
Employs around 1.37 million people accounting for almost 10% of all jobs in Australia.
Accounts for almost one half of the economy’s trade apprentices, 114,234 of which are employed in the construction industry.
Every $1 million worth of building activity supports around $3 million in activity across the economy.
Directly creates 11.0% of GDP, the fifth-largest sector within the economy.
Performs $289 billion worth of building and construction work each year.

Giving a voice to all members of the building and construction industry.

Building and construction is Australia’s second largest industry and third largest employer. Whether you’re an independent contractor or a large employer, Master Builders Australia is your voice for a fairer, more productive and safer industry.

Through our advocacy work we’re focused on ensuring your business isn’t overburdened by unnecessary red tape, that the industry receives the investment and support it needs from the government, and that safety and long-term job security is always prioritised.

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