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Zero Energy Housing with Josh Byrne and Simon Dunstan


This episode of The Master Builders Podcast is called “Zero Energy Housing”, co-hosts Max Rafferty and Robert Shaw discuss the topic in full detail with Josh Byrne and Simon Dunstan.

Josh, who is most known as the West Australian presenter of the ABC’s Gardening Australia, started the Josh’s House Project, a video series that documents the building process of Josh’s zero energy home. Today he shares practical insights on the best ways to harness solar energy into daily life and explores its return on investment.

Simon is the owner of SJD Homes and leader in sustainable housing solutions. He is also the man behind Melbourne’s first zero energy home. Today he shares his wealth of information on the differences of building a zero energy home and the unique challenges it comes with, from construction to management to selling.



02:28 Josh Byrne defines a net-zero energy home

06:15 Building a cost-effective utilization of solar energy and batteries

12:19 John’s recommended resources

16:20 Simon Dunstan builds Melbourne’s first zero energy home

20:26 Differences and challenges in building a zero energy home

27:08 Trades, management & services

32:15 Consumer reaction to the display houses

34:42 Simon’s advice and resources to builders

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