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Thuggery cannot be part of recovery


“Confirmation that an Albanese Labor Government will abolish the Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC) is deeply disappointing and will severely undermine builder’s contribution to economic recovery,” Denita Wawn, CEO of Master Builders Australia said.

“Unleashing construction union thuggery will undermine recovery,” she said.

“The ABCC is crucial for the building and construction industry, crucial for the economy and crucial for the entire community,” Denita Wawn said.

“The economic impact of the pandemic cannot be ignored. Just as governments around the country are putting put construction front and centre of their economic recovery plans Labor’s is planning to take the leash off construction union thugs and bullies,” she said.

“By upholding the rule of law on worksites, the ABCC means construction workplaces can operate like normal workplaces and is central to tackling the toxic culture of lawlessness and thuggery deployed by building unions that has been plagued the sector for decades,” Denita Wawn said.

“There is absolutely no evidence to support abolishing the ABCC but there is a mountain of evidence to support its retention, including hundreds of Federal Court judgements, countless inquiries and reviews, and four separate Royal Commissions of Inquiry spanning three decades,” she said.

“Thuggery and lawlessness on construction sites rob the community by driving the cost of much needed community infrastructure by up by as much as 30 percent. These behaviours cheat the community of more classrooms, more hospital beds and more childcare places,” Denita Wawn said.

“Giving a green light to thuggery and bullying will undermine the economic recovery and is contrary to the community’s interests,” Denita Wawn said.

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