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Submission to Select Committee on Cost of Living


Master Builders Australia appreciates the opportunity to make a submission to the Select Committee on the Cost of Living.

The overarching logic of our submission to the Select Committee on Cost of Living is this:

  • The cost building and construction activity has a direct and major impact on the cost of living for Australian families.
  • Taking action to reduce costs in our industry will result in more favourable cost of living outcomes for people in Australia – and deliver real improvements in living standards.
  • Governments at all levels have the power to help reduce the cost of carrying out building and construction work.

Our industry creates the homes we live in, the workplaces where we’re employed and the roads and railways we use to travel. This is why the performance of our industry has such a major influence on the cost of living. Higher building and construction costs have unfavourable impacts on the affordability of many aspects of day-to-day life. Of course, the flip side is that working to create better cost conditions in our industry would reap real benefits when it comes to the cost of living.

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