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Submission to Planning Australia’s 2024-2025 permanent migration program consultation


Master Builders Australia (Master Builders) welcomes the opportunity to provide a response to the Planning Australia’s 2024-2025 permanent migration program consultation paper.

Master Builders recommends the following:

  • Government should not place a number on how many skilled migrants should be accepted in 2024-2025, rather it should adopt a that incentivises and subsidises migrants with skills that are on the National Skills Shortage list.
  • If a reduction in the number of migrants on shore must be achieved, this should not be at the expense of skilled migrants, rather Student and Working Holiday visas should be reduced.
  • Migration program planning must be undertaken in reference to the National Skills Shortage list, taking into account shortages in both regional and metropolitan areas.
  • Trade and mutual recognition agreements must become more prolific with a focus on countries with comparable or better qualification and licensing frameworks.

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