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No place for union racial vilification on building sites


Master Builders Australia welcomes the Federal Court’s decision to fine the CFMEU for its racial vilification.

“This is yet more proof that when it comes to normal community standards of behavior the CFMEU just don’t get it,” Richard Calver, Acting CEO of Master Builders Australia said.

“The Royal Commission has exposed evidence of the CFMEU’s aggression towards and denigration of women on buildings sites and now the union has been fined for racial abuse of a site representative,” he said.

“In no other industry would a person going about their daily work be confronted with such disgraceful behavior. No normal union would allow what is obviously an entrenched cultural problem to continue,” Richard Calver said.

“How can the CFMEU expect the community to tolerate such behavior? How can the union claim the restoration of the powers of the Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC) would unfairly single it out when the CFMEU refuses to reform its toxic culture?” he said.

“Master Builders commends Fair Work Building and Construction (FBWC) for bringing this CFMEU action to the attention of the Federal Court,” Richard Calver said.

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