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National Apprentice Week 2023


Master Builders is celebrating apprentices in the industry by highlight apprentices in the industry as part of National Apprenticeship Week (13-19 February 2023).

Zac Smith’s journey to becoming a successful apprentice in the building industry is an inspiring story of how passion, determination, and a can-do attitude can lead to a rewarding career. Despite not knowing what he wanted to do after leaving school, Zac stumbled upon his passion for building when he was offered a labouring job by a part-time builder who happened to be a member of the surf club where Zac spent much of his free time.

From that initial job, Zac’s enthusiasm for building grew, and he eventually landed an apprenticeship with Vos Construction. Throughout his apprenticeship, Zac showed maturity and a willingness to take on new challenges. He was given increasingly complex jobs on various projects, and his hard work and dedication earned him the respect of his colleagues and management team.

Zac’s ability to rise to the challenge was put to the test when he was asked to manage the Hellyers Road Distillery project in Burnie after the project foreman had a medical situation. Despite having no experience managing a project of that size and complexity, Zac stepped up and worked tirelessly to ensure that the project was completed on time and to the client’s satisfaction. The project went on to win a Master Builders Excellence Award, a testament to Zac’s excellent management skills and dedication to his work.

Throughout his apprenticeship, Zac also volunteered as a surf lifesaver, showcasing his commitment to community service and leadership skills.  Zac was awarded the Master Builders Tasmania Apprentice of the Year 2022 and the Master Builders Apprentice of the Year 2022. The judges for both these awards were impressed with Zac’s communication skills, leadership abilities, and his willingness to step out of his comfort zone.

In the five years since Zac began his apprenticeship, he has seen significant changes in the building industry, particularly with the use of technology to improve job efficiency and access to information. Zac’s story is a reminder that, with passion and hard work, anyone can achieve their career goals.

He is a great example of how apprenticeships can provide opportunities for individuals to gain valuable skills and build successful careers in industries they may not have previously explored.

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