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Master Builders welcomes Royal Commissioner’s decision


The vital work of the Royal Commission must now continue unfettered and free from future claims of bias following Justice Heydon’s decision to dismiss the attempts by the unions including the CFMEU to shut it down.

“It is in the community’s interest that the Royal Commission’s investigations into unlawful and corrupt behaviours in the construction industry continue,” Wilhelm Harnisch, CEO of Master Builders Australia said.

“Despite claims from vested interests in the construction unions, the integrity of the Commission’s processes have not been tainted, nor has the damning and compelling evidence that has so far been provided,” he said.

“The evidence given at the Royal Commission has been provided free from bias or intimidation and highlights the price the community and jobseekers pay for the conduct of the building unions,” Wilhelm Harnisch said.

“The evidence has shown just how out of touch the building unions are with normal standards of community behaviour and with the conduct of normal unions. It has identified a culture of intimidation that allows corrupt behaviors to flourish. The building unions know they cannot morally defend these behaviors, yet they insist on trying,” he said.

“Master Builders fully supports the work of the Commission and anticipates its Final Report delivering strong recommendations for law reform, including for the return of a construction industry regulator with sufficient powers to bring the industry back to normality, free from intimidation and corruption.” Wilhelm Harnisch said.

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