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Latest data on VET in schools


The National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER) has released data on participation in VET in School in 2019. Including by state, type of school, training package, qualification and more.

Jennifer Lawrence, Master Builders Australia Senior Adviser on Industry Policy gives the rundown. 

In 2019, there were 235,700 VET in School (ViS) students, 17,095 in a school-based apprenticeship or traineeship (SBAT) and 218,655 enrolled in other ViS courses.

Total ViS enrolments in Construction, Plumbing and Services (CPC) qualification in 2019 were 13,585, up 3 per cent on 2018 enrolments, but down 12 per cent on 2015 enrolments. Five qualifications make up 98% of CPC enrolments, with 70% of all enrolments in Certificate II Construction Pathways.

States and territories

All states and territories, except Western Australia, offer ViS. All states and territories with ViS offer Certificate I, II and III qualifications.

The highest level of qualification available through ViS varies between states and territories. The highest qualification level available is:

  • Certificate III in the Australian Capital Territory
  • Certificate IV in the Northern Territory and Tasmania
  • Diploma in New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia
  • Advanced Diploma in Queensland

Queensland is the only state to offer a ViS Construction, Plumbing and Services (CPC) qualification above a Certificate III, with five students undertaking a Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Building) in 2019.In most states and territories the Certificate II in Construction Pathways is the CPC qualification with the highest number of enrolments in 2019, with exception of Victoria and Queensland where the highest enrolments were in the Certificate III in Carpentry and Certificate I in Construction, respectively.

Top Construction and Plumbing Services (CPC) course by enrolment by state were:

  • New South Wales: Cert II Construction Pathways (7,405 of 7570)
  • Victoria: Cert III Carpentry (180 of 465)
  • Queensland: Cert I in Construction (1,490 of 2020)
  • South Australia: Cert II Construction Pathways (560 of 1465)
  • Western Australia:
  • Tasmania: Cert II Construction Pathways (120 of 295)
  • Northern Territory: Cert II Construction Pathways (140 of 220)
  • Australian Capital Territory: Cert II Construction Pathways (125 of 205) 

Download the full NCVER Report


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