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Open for Business with Mario Biasin from Metricon


This episode of The Master Builders Podcast is called “Open for Business with Mario Biasin from Metricon”, co-hosts Max Rafferty and Robert Shaw talk about how builders can keep running their businesses during the current COVID-19 pandemic with Mario Baisin who is the CEO and one of the founders of Metricon, Australia’s leading residential builder.

In this interview Mario Biasin discusses some of the practical things Metricon have been doing during this COVID-19 pandemic – everything from working on site, to working with clients, all the way through to digital marketing to keep sales going.

But Max also took the opportunity to learn from one of most successful builders in Australia to get his advice and business insights on the types of things you can be doing to not only manage the current situation but to also build your own successful business – because as you will hear, Metricon started out as a small home builder in Victoria and with some of the knowledge he shares in this interview Mario shaped Metricon into Australia’s leading home builder.


03:35 Introduction to Mario Biasin

05:07 The origin story of Metricon

07:07 How Metricon is managing COVID-19

13:05 Importance of online presence

18:40 Communicating with staff and customers

24:02 Top tip for builders

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