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Keeping promise to reopen the key to boosting vaccinations


Lack of trust that Premiers and Chief Ministers will honour the national plan to reopen is holding back the rate of vaccination according to new research commissioned by Master Builders Australia.

“Builders and tradies, particularly in men aged 40 and under don’t believe Premiers and Chief Ministers will keep their promise to open up when vaccination rates reach 70% and 80%,” Denita Wawn, CEO of Master Builders Australia said.

“The research findings have informed the Master Builders advertising campaign to boost vaccination in our industry which commences from today,” she said.

“Master Builders is committing its resources to encourage our industry to do the right thing and get vaccinated. We need state and territory leaders to play their part and stop disincentivising vaccination,” Denita Wawn said.

“The vast majority of builders and tradies aren’t anti-vaxxers but easing restrictions and phasing out lockdowns is the major incentive for many to get vaccinated. The refusal by all State and Territory leaders to commit one hundred percent to honouring the commitment they made at National Cabinet is stripping people of drive to get the jab,” she said.

“Premiers and Chief Ministers talking up vaccines while changing the goalposts on reopening is creating a Covid catch-22 that’s going to keep us all locked for longer unless they pledge to keep their promise,” Denita Wawn said.

“$26 million per week in building and construction industry wages alone are at risk from continued lockdowns so the consequences of refusing to reopen and supporting us to live and work with the virus are substantial,” she said.

“A clear commitment that the promise at National Cabinet will be honoured is about to become even more important as more vaccines and vaccine does enter the country in September and October,” Denita Wawn said.

“People in our industry see trust as a two-way street. They are willing to doing their bit be vaccinated, but in return they want state and territory governments do their part and commit to opening up when vaccination rates reach 70% and 80%,” Denita Wawn said.

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