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JobKeeper extension right move for builders, tradies, economy and community


The extension of the JobKeeper scheme is the right move for the building and construction industry and will help boost confidence in our industry, the economy and the community.

Denita Wawn, CEO of Master Builders Australia said., “Building and construction is the industry with the most businesses registered for JobKeeper and that reflects that 98 per cent of the industry is comprised of small businesses and with more small businesses than any other sector of the economy.”

“There’s no doubt that JobKeeper continues to be lifeline for thousands of small builders and tradies as well as many in the building supply chain.The continuing easier accessibility for sole traders  to access the scheme is also important,” she said.

“HomeBuilder is proving to be one of the most effective government stimulus measures for at least a decade but many small builders and tradies still face an extremely tough 12 months at least, which is reflected in forecasts of a major contraction in demand,” Denita Wawn said.

“Master Builders recognises the Government’s continuing efforts to put together a range of measures to support the viability of businesses and the jobs of the thousands of people they employ. The Government’s JobTrainer program will also support these businesses to continue keeping apprentices in jobs which ensure young people have opportunities in the industry as the economy recovers,” she said.

“However, while there is no question as to the effectiveness of JobKeeper, and JobTrainer a pipeline of work is essential to the recovery of the industry and the economy. As the Government recognises, the massive contraction in demand that we are experiencing is due to the restrictions on economic activity imposed to save lives and therefore more successful stimulus measures such as HomeBuilder will be required to underpin recovery,” Denita Wawn said.

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