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James McGregor from Blue Tribe on Selling Sustainable Housing


In this episode of The Master Builders Podcast called “Selling Sustainable Housing”, co-hosts Max Rafferty and Robert Shaw talk with James McGregor, Founder, CEO and Chief Sustainability Innovator of the Blue Tribe Company, and they discuss the massive impact language has on the saleability of sustainable housing.

James shares where builders get it wrong when it comes to the messaging of their product to consumers: the lack of emotion. Based on the research on behavioural science, builders will benefit greatly when they shift their use of technical jargon to the practical benefits and emotions behind building technologies.

James has also started producing a show called “Renovate or Rebuild” where their aim is to get more people to think positively about sustainable elements being introduced to their homes.


04:13 Introduction to James McGregor

08:56 Changing the language around sustainable housing

13:01 Making emotion-based decisions

16:36 Changing mindsets with “Renovate or Rebuild”

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