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How to sell without sounding ”salesy” Part 1 – Sales Skills for Builders with James McGregor from The Blue Tribe Company


In this episode Max Rafferty and Robert Shaw discuss sales and marketing of homes.

Max talks with James McGregor about how to sell sustainable energy efficient homes without sounding salesy using a simple to use sales technique designed for builders.

Now we had so much to cover on this topic that we have made this into a two part podcast episode.  The first part is how to talk to consumers about energy efficient homes which is probably not the way you are doing now and the second part is a simple 4 step sales process to help you sell without sounding salesy.

James is the founder of The Blue Tribe Company and he helps companies to develop and sell products that align profit with purpose – in other words they are financially successful whilst making the world a better place.

Over the past 12 months he has been working with the building industry to develop a sales training program to sell energy efficient homes because he believes that energy efficiency is a great way for builders to differentiate themselves from their competitors.


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