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Glenfield to Leppington Rail link wins John Holland a National Award


John Holland has won the prestigious National President’s Award at Master Builders Australia’s National Excellence in Building and Construction Awards 2015.

Master Builders Australia’s CEO Wilhelm Harnisch said he was extremely proud that the Award has been won by John Holland for the outstanding Glenfield to Leppington Rail Link.

“John Holland took on a massive task with Glenfield and Leppington Rail Link and have delivered in spades for the New South Wales community and taxpayers” he said.

“The Award for John Holland’s excellence in delivering this outstanding major public transport project is especially well timed to showcase the potential of Prime Minister Turnbull’s vision for our cities,” Wilhelm Harnisch said.

“John Holland applied their gold standard professionalism, ability and skill as well as dedication in this outstanding civil construction project that will deliver a more livable and connected community for thousands of Sydney’s residents,” Wilhelm Harnisch said.

Highlighting the scope of this outstanding achievement by John Holland, they had to overcome numerous difficulties and logistical challenges in delivering the project that comprised the construction of:

  • 1.4 kilometres of rail line
  • Two new stations complete with commuter parking
  • 14 bridge and viaduct structures
  • Supporting rail systems
  • A new sub-station
  • A train stabling facility

“John Holland are outstandingly worthy of recognition by this national award for excellence in construction. Their work on the Glenfield to Leppington Rail Link typifies the very best in construction,” he said.

“Just as Prime Minister Turnbull has unveiled his vision to make our cities more productive and livable along comes John Holland’s completion of the Glenfield to Leppington Rail Link to showcase what can be achieved with major public transport projects to benefit the economy and the community,” Wilhelm Harnisch said.

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