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FWC Decision risks being greenlight to thuggery


“A recent decision of the Fair Work Commission risks being seen as a green light to illegal behaviour on building sites,” Wilhelm Harnisch, CEO of Master Builders Australia said.

“Master Builders are dismayed the Commission has overturned its own previous ruling that took account of a union’s previous conduct when issuing its officials with permits to enter workplaces,” he said.

“The decision risks being seen as a signal to building unions that they can break the law with no consequences,” Wilhelm Harnisch said.

“The decision highlights once again how current industrial laws are failing to ensure construction sites are free from the bullying, thuggery, coercion and stand over tactics of the building unions,” he said.

“This is why the ABCC must be re-established and why Master Builders strongly supports the Government’s proposed Registered Organisations Commission (ROC) because it will hold industrial organisations such as the building unions to a higher standard of behaviour,” Wilhelm Harnisch said.

“Master Builders also continues to call for a stricter fit and proper person test recommended by the Heydon Royal Commission to ensure that union officials with a track record of unlawfulness and thuggery would be kept off building sites,” he said.

“Building unions’ belief that they can flout community standards of behaviour means schools and hospitals cost up to the 30 per cent more and this decision shows why the ABCC is needed to restore the rule of law to the nation’s building sites,” Wilhelm Harnisch said.

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