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Master Builders and professional accounting body CPA Australia have joined forces to produce a webinar for building and construction businesses on doing smart business.

Construction is the backbone of the Australian economy. A strong building industry is the foundation of a strong economy. There are inextricable ties between construction activity and the nation’s broader health.

Australia’s population is projected to grow by 50 per cent between 2022 and 2060, reaching nearly 40 million people; that will require a significant workforce and businesses to undertake the necessary building and construction work to support population growth.

The past few years have been challenging times, with business prosperity impacted by rising inflation, interest rate rises, labour shortages and government barriers to improving productivity.
Ensuring our industry has the right tools to do business is critical to a prosperous future for the sector. This webinar aims to provide some tools to help construction businesses weather the storm and prosper.

The webinar considered: recent lessons learnt about business, doing business better and knowing when to get financial support, future-proofing your business, and how financial management can be the difference between survival or shutting the doors regardless of how good you are as a builder.

Thank you to our presenters: Alex Martin, Taurus Legal Management; Peter Knight, Knight partners; and Shabnam AMirbeaggi, Crouch Amirbeaggi.

Watch the webinar below.


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