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National Business Excellence Awards

Recognition, reward and celebration of stand-out business best practice, corporate conduct and success in small, medium and large businesses in the residential, commercial and civil construction sectors

2024 National Business Excellence Awards

The 2024 National Business Excellence Awards recognise exceptional business acumen, business improvement and resilience initiatives, innovation, and corporate responsibilities, within a business.

The awards validate and celebrate the businesses which are leading the way in best practice, and which have genuinely instilled this objective into their long-term business strategy. The awards also aim to inspire all businesses in the building and construction industry, large and small, to make excellence in best practice the foundation of their mission and brand.

The awards will be presented at a Gala Dinner in Melbourne on 11th September 2024.


Nominations Open: 3rd June 2024
Nominations Close: 5pm AEST, 2nd August 2024
Gala Awards Dinner: 11th September 2024, 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm AEST
Venue: Metropolis Events, Level 4, 3 Southgate Avenue, Southbank VIC, 3006
Dress Code: Business Formal


Winners at the 2023 National Business Excellence Awards

National Business Excellence Award for Small Residential Building Company – allenCO Construction

allenCO Constructions core philosophy focuses on delivering superior services while maintaining financial stability, compounding to grow profits and engaging both customers and suppliers with a financially strong business. allenCo Constructions’ implementation of best practice fosters a culture of sound financial management, personalised service and a commitment to meeting clients needs, has helped establish allenCo Constructions as an industry trailblazer.


National Business Excellence Award for Small Commercial Construction Company – Collins Construction

Collins Constructions is one of North Queensland’s leading commercial construction businesses with a policy to exceed international quality standards and standards set by stakeholders. A customer-focussed leader in its field and recognised for providing superior quality products and services; the hallmark of Collins Constructions’ culture is integrity and a commitment to excellence.


National Business Excellence Award for Small Civil Construction Company – Cord Civil

Established for 30 years, Cord Civil has a proud history and reputation for delivering quality civil infrastructure in the ACT region. Cord Civil has established financial processes to ensure they effectively manage growth in line with the overall company strategy. Cord Civil utilises specialized software to automate processes and provide accurate reporting with their Integrated Management System ensuring consistency in all facets of the business and strategic direction.


National Business Excellence Award for Medium Commercial Construction Company – CplusC Architects & Builders

CplusC specialises in delivering site specific architectural projects. Their success is driven by a commitment to understanding clients requirements and the use of Cost-Plus contracts and regular progress payments ensuring cost variations align with client expectations. CplusC utilises accounting technology delivering admin efficiency, data accuracy and providing instant insight into the business financials.


National Business Excellence Award for Medium Civil Construction Company – Bear Claw Concreting

Bearclaw Concreting has transitioned from a small concreting provider to a major civil contractor working on defence projects in the Northern Territory. Bearclaw’s success is driven by their ability to work in high security environments and establish reliable systems to deliver solutions in harsh outback conditions. Bearclaw prioritises excellence in its financial management, and this is central to the business effectively managing risk while pursuing a robust growth strategy.


National Business Excellence Award for Large Residential Building Company – Carlisle Homes

Carlisle Homes is a Melbourne based residential builder with nearly 20 years of business success. From its inception Carlisle has prioritised business excellence as being essential to its delivery of homes of exceptional quality to its customers.


National Business Excellence Award for Large Commercial Construction Company – North Construction & Building

North is a trusted regional construction company with an award-winning reputation. North achieves success through investing in systems and implementing processes generating accurate and relevant data, making decisions based on the insights garnered from data analysis. 100% employee-owned North ensures that profits are reinvested for continued sustainable growth, has smoothly navigated succession and leadership transitions throughout its 36-year history.


National Business Excellence Award for Large Civil Construction Company – Wodens

Wodens is the longest serving civil contractor in the Canberra region and one of the longest serving privately owned civil contractors in Australia. Currently employing 101 full time employees, prudent financial management, steady growth, and reinvestment of profits in the company’s people and equipment has allowed Wodens to operate with financial stability and to invest in modern technology providing the ability to consistently produce high quality work, and ensure meaningful secure employment for their staff.