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Recent changes to industrial relations legislation – we look at what this means for your business


Industrial relations legislation is changing in many key areas over several stages with consequences flowing through for construction businesses.

In this podcast, Max Rafferty chats with Shaun Schmitke, Master Builders Australia Deputy CEO and National Director IR/Safety/Contracts.  He takes us through recent changes now in effect, changes soon to come, and what’s on the horizon.

In this episode, we look at the unique challenges and pressure points in the construction industry, the essential role played by the ABCC in upholding the law on construction sites, and why we need a dedicated construction industry watchdog.

Shaun also outlines changes to Enterprise Agreements, particularly the return of industry wide bargaining.

We discuss with Shaun what to do if you are unsure or need to ask for help following recent IR changes, or if you are affected by any of the changes flowing through from changes to the Fair Work Act and enterprise bargaining on your building site.


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