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Another day, another court order: Time is running out for scrutiny of proposed ‘super union’


The orders of the Victorian Supreme Court to the CFMEU to cease its involvement in a so called ‘community picket’ is further evidence why Parliament must change the law to ensure there is appropriate scrutiny of the proposed merger between the CFMEU and the MUA and the ‘super union’ that would result.

Master Builders has consistently warned of the consequences for the community if the proposed merger goes ahead and today we have seen first-hand how the ‘Super Union’ will operate.

The orders from Justice McDonald were made after it was found that CFMEU leaders were actively encouraging the illegal strike action, forcing the judge to create a ‘Safe Space’ to allow the usual one to two hundred trucks entry to the site. No trucks have passed since before the start of December.

The picket is already operating in direct contravention of the Supreme Court of Victoria which has ordered that the action should stop.

Master Builders CEO Denita Wawn said, “We don’t need to imagine what things will be like if this proposed ‘Super union’ goes ahead – we are witnessing it first-hand.”

“Another day, another court order – unions need to play by the rules like everybody else and realise they are not above the law,” she said.

“Master Builders continues to urge the Government to pass these much needed changes to the law as a matter of urgency,” Denita Wawn said.

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