Building Technician

Building technicians are house builders, supervisors and foremen/women involved in the construction and maintenance of domestic buildings and some commercial projects.  Building technicians may perform tasks including:

  • constructing domestic buildings such as houses;
  • providing skilled assistance to builders and construction managers by interpreting and carrying out directions for planning and organising building projects;
  • interpreting building plans, regulations and codes of practice to direct progress of the work, ensuring that specifications and regulations are followed and proper methods and materials are used;
  • calculating costs and estimating completion times to prepare tenders (bids for contract work), and supporting contract bids and variations;
  • directing and recording building progress and variations from design drawings or specifications; and
  • negotiating with subcontractors and reporting to builders and architects.

Building technicians my also work as project planners, estimators, project administrators or as technical sales representatives.  They sometimes work as building inspectors, ensuring that construction is going to plan, or as site managers on large commercial projects.  They need a thorough understanding of building construction and materials, as well as relevant regulations and by-laws.  Building technicians usually work on-site.

Personal Requirements

  • good organisational skills
  • practical approach to problem solving
  • able to interpret plans and drawings.

Education and Training

Entry to this occupation normally requires a trade qualification or relevant industry experience.  Alternative entry may be available.  Contact the relevant institution for details.

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