Bricklayers work with clay bricks, pre-cut stone, concrete bricks and so on, to construct and repair veneer and full brick construction, partitions, arches and other structures. They may perform tasks including:

  • working from plans and specifications;
  • sealing foundations with damp-resistant materials;
  • spreading layers of mortar to serve as a base and binder for bricks in rows, designs or shapes and spreading mortar between joints;
  • repairing and maintaining clay bricks, cement block/bricks and related structures;
  • operating brick cutting machines; and
  • erecting scaffolding (subject to licence requirements in some states).

Bricklayers work outdoors and may have to work at heights, or in tunnels and shafts. They usually work in teams and may be employed by bricklaying subcontractors or building and construction companies. The may also work as self-employed tradespeople. Bricklayers may have some contact with the public.

Personal Requirements

  • able to work with hands
  • able to follow plans
  • able to work at heights
  • physically fit and healthy

Education and Training

To become a bricklayer you usually need to complete an apprenticeship which includes on and off the job training.

  • Certificate II in Building & Construction Fitout and Finish (Bricklaying)
  • Certificate III in Building & Construction Fitout and Finish (bricklaying)
  • Apprenticeship in Bricklaying

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